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House Leveling Services in Knoxville TN

House leveling is the process of lifting a house to restore it as close as possible to its original position. The cause of uneven floors usually lies in the foundation. It is a common misconception that foundation repairs are always costly and people should wait until they can raise the funds to fix it. With foundation repairs, the earlier the damage is fixed, the less expensive it will be. Fixing uneven floors through house leveling is an affordable repair.

Homeowners cannot easily spot uneven floors, yet this indicates significant damage to the foundation. An easy tip to determine if your floor is uneven is if you place a ball on the floor and it rolls. Though this is a good tip, not every homeowner will think of doing this if they don’t realize there is anything wrong with their floors. It is best to always be aware of any changes in your home and these are the signs to look out for with uneven floors:

  • Cracks in your walls and ceilings
  • Cracks in the outside walls of your home
  • Windows and doors are not closing completely
  • Your floor feels softer than usual and it seems to sag or dip
  • You can see your house is uneven when you look at it from the outside

Once you see any of these signs, you should immediately call for a home foundation inspection. Guardian Foundation Repair specializes in foundation inspection and leveling. We cater to the area of Knoxville, Tennessee, and our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible to set an inspection date.

House Leveling Causes and Process in Knoxville TN

A home foundation inspector will look for the root cause of a problem to prevent it from happening again. Water and soil are the two elements that when combined, can create considerable damage to your foundation walls. Soil expands when it is combined with water. This expansion will put pressure on your foundation walls resulting in cracks, water seepage, and bowing/leaning walls. Any leaning of the walls will affect the ceiling, leading to uneven floors. When we level your home, we also identify the water source and install an appropriate water drainage system where necessary so the soil around the foundation will not be affected in the future. Even if the amount of water in the soil is not high, clay soil can easily expand and push out walls.

Knowing the root cause of uneven floors will help contractors create a personalized house leveling action plan for your home. House leveling services will also depend on the type of foundation you have in your home. There are three types of foundation and different processes to achieve the proper house leveling Knoxville trusts.

Concrete Slab Foundation Leveling – house leveling with a concrete slab foundation includes excavating areas outside the home to install pilings or piers, such as concrete pilings, or steel piers. A chemical substance can also be used underneath the foundation to fill in the gaps, as well as soil injections to prevent soil swelling.

Crawl Space Foundation Leveling – there are also several methods that can be used or combined when leveling a house with a crawl space foundation. To remedy a sagging floor, rods and braces are used to lift and support it back to its original position. Pilings are then installed for fortification. A chemical substance can also be used to stabilize the ground underneath the foundation.

Pier & Beam Foundation Leveling – homes with pier & beam foundations are uncommon because they are more expensive than slab and crawl space foundations. These can usually be seen on custom homes and homes that are required to be high off the ground. The leveling process includes installation of steel or concrete piers which support the beams connected to the floor joists underneath your flooring. The leveling is achieved by the addition or removal of shims as needed.

House Leveling Experts in Knoxville TN

House leveling is an extensive repair solution for your uneven floors. Not all home contractors are equipped or have enough experience to handle this type of repair. Guardian Foundation Repair is a contractor specializing in foundation repairs; thus we are best suited to help you fix your problem with uneven floors. Contact us today to schedule a home foundation inspection and feel comfortable in your secure, level home.