Home Foundation Repair In Johnson City, TN

Home Foundation Repair Service in Knoxville TN – When you see signs of damage in your foundation!

A lot of people equate their success on their ability to buy and maintain their homes. Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. Nothing lasts forever, but a good foundation is essential as this is what is holding your house in place. It provides stability to your home as it supports the floors and load-bearing walls. If there is a problem with your foundation, early detection is the key. Repairing your home’s foundation doesn’t need to be a significant and expensive project if you spot the first signs of foundation damage. You can detect foundation damage in different parts of your home:

Symptoms Inside Your Home:

Doors and windows won’t close completely

Cracks in the drywall or ceiling

Cracks in the concrete floors

Uneven and sloping floors

Water leak in the home

Symptoms Outside Your Home:

Failure in waterproofing

Chimneys are uneven-leaning or tilting

Gaps in doors and windows

Gaps in the corner of the fascia trim-usually used to hold up gutters

Cracks in the exterior walls

Cracks in the exposed beams

Cracks in the pool surface

Unlevel pool water

Symptoms In Your Garage:

Bowing and leaning walls

Sloping floors

Crack in the walls and doors

Gaps between the walls and floors

Water leaking through cracks

Water stains on the walls and floors

Symptoms In Your Crawl Space:

Crawl space ceiling is sagging

Rotting wood

Floors above the crawl space are squeaking

Cracks in the foundation

Walls are sagging, bowing, or leaning

Foundation damage is a common problem in Tennessee and is usually associated with the soil conditions the foundation is built on. The common types of soil in Knoxville Tennessee are sandy and clay soil. Clay soil absorbs more moisture and expands, unlike sandy soil. During summer or drought season, clay soil contracts and can potentially crack. Improper drainage also affects the condition of the soil around the foundation of your house. Excessive water in the soil will make it soft and unable to hold your foundation in place. The foundation of your home must be correctly installed as uneven filling, poor placement, and inferior quality materials will significantly affect the life of your foundation.

Home Foundation Repair in Knoxville TN – How we fix your foundation!

Home repairs are always economical when the damage is minor. However, if your house is showing any of the signs listed above, do not hesitate to call Guardian Foundation Repair for an inspection. We pride ourselves in providing quality service to our customers in Knoxville, Tennessee with our highly experienced crew and technicians. In the same way you put your trust in us, we aim to achieve a good relationship with each customer by being straightforward with detailed expenses and construction operations. We will properly explain what the damage to your foundation is, how we will fix it, and the costs that go with it. We guarantee a no hidden charge service! Here’s a quick look at our process:

  1. After we receive a call from you, our contractor and technician will visit your house to inspect the degree of damage to your foundation. After the evaluation, you will be briefed about any repair needed and will be given an estimate for the project.
  2. Next, utility pipes and cables will be inspected to determine where the injection holes will be drilled. Approximately ⅝” of injection holes will be drilled into the concrete foundations of your house. This will enable polymer material to be inserted under the concrete slab.
  3. The polymer material will then spread and fill the gaps in the soil. It will then expand and gently raise the slab until the recommended height is reached. Technicians will use laser levels while monitoring this process for precision and accuracy.
  4. Once the leveling has been corrected, the injection holes will be sealed. We also apply a clean-as-you-go policy and remove any remaining debris from the construction site. You will immediately notice the difference in your home.

Home Foundation Repair in Knoxville TN – Why choose us?

Guardian Foundation Repair specializes in repairing and leveling home foundations, preventing further damage and cost to you and your family. We raise the bar for contractors in the area of Knoxville Tennessee. Here’s why you will benefit from choosing us:

  • Value for money – we give realistic estimates and ensure there are no hidden charges
  • Prompt action – we offer emergency repair services, and we reach our customers as soon as possible
  • Comfortable experience – we aim to avoid moving any major appliances, carpets or taking up tiles
  • Zero Excavation – we use modern techniques of leveling by simply drilling small holes and sealing them afterward
  • Long-Lasting – our methods guarantee a long-term solution for your foundation
  • Polished work – we apply a “clean-as-you-go” policy and remove debris as soon as the project is complete

At Guardian Foundation Repair, we offer an outstanding service to our customers. We dedicate ourselves in treating each project individually and getting the job done right the first time. Our commitment to quality home foundation repair in Bristol, TN, Kingsport, Johnson City, and Knoxville, along with quality customer service has made us a leading company in the Knoxville area. Call us today and give your home foundation a better and longer life.