Home foundations are usually made of concrete because it can withstand high compressive stressors. Foundations require very strong materials, and need to be the most durable part of any property because they support the weight of the whole structure. If there is any damage to your foundation, it can affect the entire house and can be a very costly repair. Guardian Foundation Repair is a leading specialist in foundation repairs in Knoxville, Tennessee. We can fix foundation problems ranging from simple maintenance, leveling, waterproofing, and even termite damage.

Termites are known to eat away the wood in houses. They cannot eat concrete materials, which foundations are made from, but they can gain access through even the smallest cracks and reach nearby wooden materials such as found in crawl spaces and support beams. Once termites have infiltrated your home, it’s only a matter of time before they grow in number and cause significant damage. Making sure termites are unable to enter and destroy any part of your home is our top priority.


There are around 45 different species of termites found in the U.S., and they fall under three main termite types: subterranean, dampwood, and drywood. Of these three types, subterranean termites are the most damaging to a structure. They can be found in every U.S. state except Alaska, and cause the majority of termite damage in the country.

Subterranean swarming termites are most active during late spring and summer. This is their mating season, and is usually when they start building colonies around homes. These termites live underground and wood and soil are their primary source of food. They also travel above ground for food by building tunnels made out of mud, feces and saliva for protection. Living underground and near your foundation, any cracks in the walls can be a gateway for them to enter your home.

Once they have entered your home, they will forage for any nearby food source such as the wooden support beams in the basement. The cellulose material found in wood is what attracts termites to it. Any source of cellulose can be termite food, like paper and cardboard that you might have stored in your basement. They can also eat through plants, fiber carpets, and even materials not containing cellulose, in search of a food source.

Detecting termite infestation can be difficult unless the damage is already severe. If you are regularly checking your basement, you should look for mud tunnels in the walls, termites use these tunnels to travel to wooden structures.  Structures will also show a honeycomb-like pattern indicating termites have already fed on them. Termite infestation produces a moldy smell, similar to the smell from water damage.


Providing a premier service in foundation repair is what sets Guardian Foundation Repair apart from other home contractors. We specialize in all areas of foundation repair and have extensive experience. If you notice any sign of termite infestation in your basement, give us a call for a free inspection. In most cases, the best way to repair floor joists or girder beams that have beam that have been damaged by termites is to replace the sections all together. Sistering the joist r beam is the other option.

Termites can be troublesome and can eat away at your property unnoticed for some time. It is crucial to call the Foundation Termite Damage Repair Knoxville trusts and schedule service with Guardian Foundation Repair at the first sign of termite damage. Protect your home from infestation and call us for a free inspection today!