Basement Wall Repair in Knoxville, TN



Check out our service options for basement wall repair in Johnson City, Knoxville, and the surrounding Tennessee tri-cities.

Carbon Fiber Bands are 6 inches wide, and 8 foot in length. The bands are centered over cracks to stabilize horizontal and vertical movement.

Horizontal bands are installed on 2 foot centers. The bands will run:

  • From top to bottom
  • Over separating corners
  • Over vertical cracks in basement walls.

Vertical bands are installs over horizontal cracks on 4 foot to 6 foot centers to combat poor construction or hydrostatic pressure. In some cases horizontal bands are installed to prevent lateral movement.


The type of I-beam we use is a W6″ x 16″ (unless specified differently by an engineer), anchored to slab below and bolted onto the floor system above with 1/2 inch bolts.

Gaps behind the I-beam are filled with a high strength mortar.

In some cases wood blocking must be added to the floor system above to prevent twisting and movement of wood framing.

If the blocks are sheered or displaced, carbon fiber is not an adequate repair. I-beams will need to be installed on 4′ – 6′ centers and in some cases, the wall will need to be filled with concrete.


Tie-backs are used to minimize bowing and overturning of the wall. They are installed on 4-6ft. centers alone a concrete block wall. If the wall is empty we will need to pump with concrete.

In some cases, a C-channel is needed from top to bottom of the block wall. Other circumstances require a steel plate.

Once driven into max depth, we pull the rod with our 10,000 psi powered ram to allow the tie-back head to grab the soil and secure the wall.